Titan's End is a Fast Travel outpost also equipped with a Catch-A-Ride station. Located in the west of the Arid Badlands on the main road, it serves as a convenient access point to many of the missions in this zone. The area also encompasses Patricia Tannis' first dig site amid the remains of a colossal crab worm skeleton. It has since become a bandit camp.


Titan's End gets its name from the giant skeleton, in the middle of the camp. The bandit camp is constructed directly in and around the skeleton. It is blocked off by a wide perimeter fence, leaving few access points. It can be a dangerous location, usually occupied with high-level bandits. The area is well-fortified with watchtowers and many places which can be used for cover. It can also be a profitable area to farm, however, with three red chests in close proximity. The first two are under the skull of the titan and the third is outside the camp up on a ridge, easily found as one of the waypoints for the Product Recall mission.


  • To get a Vehicle into the camp from the north, there is an opening behind the Catch-A-Ride large enough for an Outrunner to fit through. If approaching from the south, there is a small rock formation to the right of the small gate entrance there that can be used as a ramp to jump the fence.
Titan's end
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