Tiny Tina is an NPC in Borderlands 2. She is an unstable thirteen-year-old explosives expert, and was revealed on February 21, 2012, in the Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer.

Tina takes on a prominent role in the fourth Borderlands 2 DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, where she acts as narrator for events in the story.


Tina and her parents were sold to Hyperion to become test subjects for Jack's slag mutation experiments, an event which led to the deaths of her parents. She escaped their fate using a grenade that she had hidden in her dress at her mother's insistence, and once she was free of Hyperion's reach she vowed revenge on the man that had sold her family: Flesh-Stick.


Tiny Tina's demolitions expertise is called into action when a Hyperion supply train believed to be carrying a Vault key needs to be stopped. With that objective in sight, she then sets the Vault Hunters to the task of finding two rockets (which she refers to as 'badonkadonks') to carry a 'suicide'-bomber toy each, and then to set them on target.

Her collaboration with the Vault Hunters continues when she has them gather items and guests for a very special tea party.

Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage

Tina appears in a supporting role in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. Initially she is hired by Mad Moxxi to help the Vault Hunters train prior to battling Motor Momma, but also asks their assistance in obtaining the autograph of her third favorite mass-murderer, Sully the Stabber, as well as walking her "puppy", a Badass Fire Skag named Enrique. She also provides commentary on many of the Vault Hunters' actions throughout the course of the DLC.

Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

Tina takes on the role of the 'Bunker Master' for the game 'Bunkers & Badasses', where she is shown to be bad at this, by fumbling in such ways as creating impossible fights early on and not balancing the gameplay in certain areas. The real problems underlying Tina's mental state (at that time) start becoming more apparent as the player progresses, being obsessed with eating only crumpets and constantly trying to insert a manifestation of the now deceased Roland whenever she wants to, to the dismay of the other Vault Hunters. Tiny Tina's character develops over the course of the campaign and she learns to accept Roland's death.



  • "Come on iiiin, you are missing the Fuun!"
  • "All around the Sta-actus plant, the stalker chased the bandit, the stalker thought 'twas all in fun - POP! Goes the bandit!"
  • "Oh haiiii!"
  • "Roland told me you were comin' - I still owe him for all that buttcrap with General Rancid. So, you gotta hijack a train, hunh? Chiiild's play! Lemme introduce you to my ladies."
  • "Runnin', runnin', runnin', I'm runnin' over here, run, run, run-run, run."
  • "This here's Mushy Snugglebites, and this is Felicia Sexopants. These fiiiine-ass womens could stop that train for yas, but I'ma need their badonkadonks first, and they got stoled by the bandits a few days ago. Go get 'em!"
  • "Naptime!"
  • "That's right, bitches - my big brudder's about to teach you some MANNERS. Nobody steals Mushy Snugglebites' badonkadonk and lives!"
  • "That's Mushy Snugglebites' badonkadonk. She's my main squeeze. Lady's got a gut fulla' dynamite and a booty like POOOW!"
  • "Got the badonkadonks? Best day evaaaa. Bring 'em back here and I'll use 'em to make some fine-ass damsels who can hijack that train for yas."
  • "Hey I told ya'z to get outta heeya, get out or do I gotta shank a bitch?"
  • "Get-outta-my-shop-or-I'll-punch-yo-butt. That's-how-Tiny-Tina-roll."
  • "Put a little bomb in the hot ass damsel, blow stuff up and make people die."
  • "I'm a little teapot, bloody and cut. Here is my handle and here is my butt."
  • "Squishy. Squishy squishy squishy."
  • "Oh daaaaaayum, you lookin' good, ladies. Let's get to work."
  • That's right. Twin sisters, man. Hhhahhhhhh. Take 'em. Take 'em take 'em take 'em take 'em."
  • "Just put my damsels near the choo-choo track and set 'em off! Good plan? Great plan!"
  • "You're cordially invited BITCH!!!"
  • "When you are ready to begin the Tea-Party, please smack Mister Flesh Stick in his bitch face."
  • "Gonna eat so many goddamn crumpets, it's going to be a Crumpocolypse."
  • "Ten... Nine..." *launches rockets* "I got bored."
  • (Cute yawning noise)
  • "Sup, sucka? It's Tina. I wrote you a poem and it goes a little somethin' like this BREAK IT DOWN. Ahem. Kill Jack. Kill Jack. Kill Jack kill Jack kill Jack KIIIILL JAAAAACK! Kill Jack. A poem by Tiny Tina."
  • "Climb the pipe to the train or you'll go insane wut wut. That's a rap song I wrote."
  • "Get some cookies, so you can eat 'em and grow up big and strong and kick Piston in the butt-butt."
  • "Real badasses eat chocolate chip cookies, I'ma gonna get that tattooed across my back in Old English font."
  • "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Do you know who just arrived in Beatdown? SULLY THE STABBER! He's my THIRD favorite mass-murderer in the ENTIRE WORLD! You HAVE to go get his autograph for me."
  • "Get his signature on this. Please. PLEASEpleasepleasepleasepleaseplease! If you don't get his autograph I'm gonna DIEEEEE. He's my favoritest. He killed every living person on the Bathymas with nothing but a rusty butterknife. If you don't take it I'm gonna start crying. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. [making a song out of it] oh-baby please please PLEASE! That was 'Please' by Tiny Tina with Vault Hunter on bass."
  • "He Well. There's only one thing to do -- look him in the eye, nod politely, and KILL THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF HIM!"


Tina and Roland photo

The photo of Tina and Roland.

  • She is introduced as an old friend of Roland's and she has a picture of them together in her room. Roland also mentions beforehand that, "I've saved her life a few times, and she has saved mine more times than I can count."
  • There are a few unique weapons that are associated with Tiny Tina. These weapons include pink hearted camouflage and/or stuffed bunny image decals.
  • Tina's voice is performed by Ashly Burch, sister of Anthony Burch - Lead writer of Borderlands 2. (The two are also a part of the web series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?.) She is also credited with the voice of the cursed gun, Bane.
  • Tina has unusual gender-specific dialogue, referring to both male and female Vault Hunters as "girl." She also makes a number of sexual comments in an appreciative manner in regards the female members of her tea party, whilst during the Assault on Dragon Keep storyline she confesses to liking Maya in The Siren's invitation, asking if Maya likes her in turn. Additionally, her original motivation for helping the Vault Hunters train for Mad Moxxi was going to be due to her having a crush on Mad Moxxi.
  • Tina switches verbal mannerisms frequently. Her speech styles include a stereotypical inner-city American speech pattern, little girl speech patterns, stereotypically pretentious British English speech, to randomly violent and murderous speech, and others.


  • There is an Easter egg related to Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? in the Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. On the back of Tiny Tina's bus is a pixel drawing of Papa Burch riding a unicorn from the HAWP episode 'Sleep Is Death'.
  • Roland recognizes her as one of the greatest demolitions experts on Pandora and a picture of the two can be seen inside of her home.
  • Tiny Tina is mentioned by Brick on a mission in Sawtooth Cauldron as he recalls carrying her on his shoulders as they fought together. In the end credits, it is shown that they worked together again in this manner cleaning out the remaining Hyperion forces.
  • Tina's Lazy Eye (Close)


    Tina has amblyopia (lazy eye) in her left eye. This was originally due to a glitch, but the developers enjoyed it, so they purposefully left it in.
  • In NowGamer, an interview revealed that there is part of a mission removed from the main game involving Tina. Originally, when telling of Roland's death, the players were to head out to Tiny Tina's home and tell her the sad news. It described her being deeply affected by it, thanking the players for telling her, asking them to leave, and locking herself in her workshop to mourn. Anthony Burch, lead writer and the source of this news, says they regret they could not include this scene into the game. It was supposed to be the only moment in the game she loses her peppy mania. [1]
  • Her tea party place card is labeled "Lady Tina of Blowupyourfaceheim"
  • On May 24, 2013, Tina took over the @ECHOcasts Twitter (previously owned by Krieg)
  • Tiny Tina's parents have officially been confirmed dead as of the sixth episode of Inside the Box, entitled "Fart Jokes and Tragedy."
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