Tinks are a class of enemies found in Borderlands 3 that replace Midget enemies.

Tinks come in a wide array of specialties that allow them to act in ways that non-Tink enemies can. While standard Tinks (non-loot, non-badass) are capable of diving into scrap piles to construct turrets to attack, other varieties of Tink can have odd properties that make them vary wildly in combat.

Types of Tink

Shotgun Tinks: Wield a shotgun and can construct turrets.

Loot Tink: Runs around the battlefield until it either escapes by burrowing long enough unhindered, or is killed, at which point it's bag can be opened like a chest for a loot-splosion.

Rocket Tinks: Like Shotgun tink, but with rocket launchers.

Anointed Tinks: Can change size rapidly, and teleport around the battlefield. Wield a heavy machine gun when in large stature, tend to slink away when small.

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