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The Tink Sentry is a fully automated turret used by Children of the Vault forces.


All types of Tinks, with the exception of Badass Tinks, can construct and deploy Tink Sentries. When near a scrap pile, a Tink will drop his weapon, whip out a large wrench and dive into the pile. A newly created sentry turret will appear and attacks all enemies within range.


Tink Sentries are fairly fast at target acquisition and tracking, have a very high rate of fire but are inaccurate. As Tink Sentries aim for the center of mass (i.e. slightly above the waistline), having an obstacle in their firing line will almost completely negate the damage they would inflict. Strong corrosive weapons should be the primary choice when dealing with Tink Sentries.


  • A Tink Sentry's critical hit point is its ammunition box. When facing a Vault Hunter, it is to the right of the barrel.
  • While diving into scrap piles, Tinks are invulnerable to damage.