Tinks are a type of human enemy encountered in Borderlands 3.


Tinks (short for "Tinkerers") replace the Midget enemies of prior games. Having become much more industrious and intelligent than their insane predeccesors, Tinks have evolved into the technical arm of the Children of the Vault.


Borderlands 3


Tinks are a common sight in Bandit or COV controlled territories. Tinks are the smallest enemy type of the COV/Bandit faction and are equally harder to hit, they often wield pistols or very rarely SMGs. When near a scrap pile, Tinks will dive into it and create a sentry turret that will attack the player on sight. While diving, Tinks are invulnerable to damage.

Tinks have low health and have the same sized critical hit spots of any other human enemy, requiring the player to aim lower and keep Tinks away from any scrap piles. Tinks have flesh health and never wear shields, making them vulnerable to Incendiary damage.


  • In Mayhem mode, they are renamed Aggro Tink.

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