Tinks are a type of human enemy encountered in Borderlands 3.


Tinks (short for "Tinkerers") replace the midget enemies of prior games. Having become much more industrious and intelligent than their insane predeccesors, Tinks have evolved into the technical arm of the Children of the Vault.

They differ slightly in stature from their midget counterparts. Their arms and legs have become much shorter, causing their heads to be even larger in proportion to their bodies. The cranium itself has also expanded, possibly explaining their increased intelligence.



Tinks are the smallest enemy type of the COV and are a frequent sight in COV camps and bases. In combat, they use their small stature to avoid enemy fire and flank them before opening return fire with pistols or, in some rare cases, SMGs. Tinks also possess the ability to construct a Tink Sentry from the scrap piles found on the battlefield. This action is denoted by the Tink putting away it's weapon, pulling out a wrench and rushing for the nearest scrap pile. Note that the Tink is invulnerable to damage while it is diving into the scrap pile and constructing the turret.

Compared to other COV forces, Tinks have low health and a disproportionately large critical hit spot that makes them fairly easy to dispatch quickly. However, due to their small size, players will need to aim slightly lower than the standard COV enemy. Additionally, being human enemies, they are highly vulnerable to incendiary damage.


  • Blammo! Kablooey! Rat-a-tat-tat!
  • Get junked!
  • Your scalp's my ticket to the Great Vault!
  • Helloooo Corpse!
  • You're out of your league, babycakes!
  • Doin' it for the junk!
  • Suck on this you bloated crapsack!
  • DO! OR! DIE!
  • Need more fam on the field! (calling for reinforcements)
  • Present for you! You've earned it! (tossing grenade)
  • I've tinkered my last... (dying)
  • Yeah...why not... (dying)
  • Scrap to scrap, junk to junk... (dying)
  • You think you're better than me! (dying)
  • I liked Troy better...there...I said it... (dying)
  • Remember me like a foot taller... (dying)
  • So many things I never felt... (dying)
  • A noble spirit embiggens the smallest me... (dying)
  • Rage against...the dying of the light... (dying)
  • I get it now...we're all just junk... (dying)


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