Tinderbox is a Unique pistol manufactured by Bandit.

Special Weapon Effects

Good for starting fires – Always incendiary. Reduced bullet damage and rate of fire. Additional +100% splash damage. Increased elemental effect chance. Projectiles fly in a low parabolic arc. Consumes 2 ammo per shot.

Usage & Description

While Tinderbox is good at setting enemies on fire, its low rate of fire and parabolic projectile arc make it ineffective in combat.



  • A tinderbox is a small container containing flint, firesteel, and tinder (typically charcloth, but possibly a small quantity of dry, finely-divided fibrous matter such as straw), used together to help kindle a fire.
  • The Tinderbox was dropped by Midge-Mong on Day 7 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt. A hotfix on that day increased the gun's magazine size.
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