Tier 3 Rematch: Bar Room Blitz is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage that becomes available on Pyro Pete's Battle Board after previous mission in series of "Bar Room Blitz" is complete.

It is the final but repeatable tier of "Bar Room Blitz".


"Kill as many badass Bar Patrons as you can in the time given."



Kill all the badasses in two minutes thirty seconds.
  • 2:30 mission timer
  • Gather at rally point
  • Kill badasses among the bar patrons


While this mission pits players in a free-for-all fight against Bikers, Rats, Engineers and more, the mission only requires killing the six Badass Enforcers that appear; given the aggressive timer, it's wise to prioritize them to the point of ignoring other enemies.

Badass Enforcers are not among the initial crowd that populates Pyro Pete's Bar, and a handful of lesser foes must be dispatched for the first of the badasses to spawn.

In general, the badasses spawn from both doorways in the back room, and from either end of the upstairs landing. Rapidly looping this circuit, stopping only to kill Enforcers (or if necessary, other enemies that block the path), will allow this mission to be completed with a minute or more to spare.


"Completed the Bar room Blitz Battle."

Turn In: Pyro Pete's Battle Board


  • Rematch missions from this DLC are repeatable.
  • The fight does not start, nor does the mission timer tick down, until damage is done to an enemy.
  • Even on normal mode, the opponents will be level 50 during the rematch. (With the addition of the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack, this appears to have been raised to level 61.)
  • The Bar Room Blitz rematch provides an efficient means of acquiring Torgue Tokens due to the mission reward coupled with the Badass Enforcers guaranteed drop of one each.
  • Tunnel Rats and Rat Thieves present a problem in the confined spaces during the fight as they will pilfer loot during fights, and the chaos of battle can make recovering stolen goods difficult.


  • Repeating this mission is an efficient way of acquiring Anarchy or Bloodlust stacks for a Mechromancer or Psycho respectively, given the density of enemies and time limit to kill them.


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