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Tier 3 Battle: The Death Race is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage that becomes available on Crater Battle Board after previous mission in series of "The Death Race" is complete.



  • Wait at starting line
  • Ready!
  • Set!
  • GO!
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach finish line


The mission is obtained from the Crater Battle Board and the first objective is to line up at the start line and wait for the signal to begin. There are three checkpoints around the course, in addition to the arch formed by the start/finish line, and the entire circuit must be completed twice within a time limit of 1 minute, and 45 seconds.

The Runner is the vehicle of choice for this mission, as it is naturally the fastest available, and the intrinsic speed can be further enhanced by liberal use of the vehicle's afterburner boost.

There are several shortcuts around the course that can also shave off valuable seconds. These can be used readily, as only the checkpoints need to be completed in order - there is no requirement to actually remain on the rest of the track. The most valuable is a ramp that can be used with a boosted jump to access a raised section of broken highway that can help bypass a few turns just before the home stretch.

Bikes can be encountered along the way, and can prove to be a mission-blocking hazard if the Runner collides with them. Aiming the forward guns at them can be risky if they are close, and it is often preferable to steer clear of them or have a gunner remove them from a safe angle.


"AWESOME! But there's more to come!"

Turn In: Crater Battle Board


  • The Afterburner is a valuable relic for participants wishing to make best use of the vehicle's own afterburner.
  • Any character in the session can activate a checkpoint by driving over it. Therefore, if one character waits in a car near Scooter's Garage, a second can complete the majority of the race. When only one checkpoint and the finish line remain, the first character can activate them, bypassing a large stretch of track and saving precious seconds.