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Tier 2 Battle: Twelve O'Clock High is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage that becomes available on Forge Battle Board after previous mission in series of "Twelve O'Clock High" is complete.



  • Gather at rally point
  • Kill all Escort Buzzards
  • Pick up Flyboy's Bling: 0/8


This mission has a timer of 5 minutes. In this time frame players have to shoot Cargo Buzzards that fly overhead to make them drop Flyboy's bling. The buzzards do not have to be destroyed, but only damaged enough to drop their cargo. A single shot with a sniper rifle directly at a crate will score a critical hit and cause the bling to fall.

Escort Buzzards will fly around and protect the Cargo Buzzards during this time. All of the buzzards have to be destroyed to complete the mission, but they will keep coming until eight pieces of bling have been collected.

An optimal strategy is to shoot as much cargo off Cargo Buzzards as possible and collect it, while evading the Escort Buzzards. Once the samples are collected, the remaining Escort Buzzards must be destroyed to complete the mission.


"Completed Twelve O'Clock High Battle."

Turn In:


  • Text of Flyboy's Bling item: A piece of bling belonging to Flyboy.