Thumper is the title of a group of submachine guns that have increased damage but lowered fire rate.

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Usage & Description

Thumpers, due to their much slower rate of fire, are to submachine guns as revolvers are to repeater pistols, in that fire rate is sacrificed for a higher damage output. These slower firing weapons are better suited for longer distance firefights, where damage and precision is preferred over faster firing weapons. The main advantage to a Thumper is that elemental versions will proc more often because the Techpool will be able to recharge more between shots than fast rate of fire SMGs. In most combat situations however, a non-Thumper SMG with good all-around stats, will still out perform a Thumper.

Thumpers always have a magazine capacity of 18 unless they have the Double accessory (fires 2 projectiles at the same time and consumes 2 ammo), which increases capacity to an indicated 21; however, the effective capacity is 22, as the final bullet in the magazine still produces two projectiles.


  • The Double accessory effectively doubles the fire rate of a Thumper, greatly reducing the drawback of slow fire rate of a normal Thumper; this advantage is to some extent offset by doubled ammo consumption and much more frequent reloading.
  • Because of the high damage and low fire rate, Thumpers act best as medium range rifles. They save considerably more ammo, being able to kill most enemies in 4 to 6 critical hits.


The Thumper effect comes from the mag1_thumper magazine. This part is wholly responsible for the weapon's stats change, the Title_Mag1_Thumper having no effect on the weapon. This makes it possible for unique and legendary SMGs (excluding the Wildcat) to have the Thumper magazine and it's effects. However, the Thumper title has higher priority than any other common SMG title, meaning that Thumper-magazined Stingers, Bruisers or Anarchies aren't possible. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Clip Size: -10
Reload Speed: -25%
Fire Rate: -67%
Damage: +70%
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