Thrown for a Loop is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. It becomes available after Athena Set Up Us The Bomb is complete.

Moxxi offers to prove that one can loop the loop in a vehicle.


"I've been thinking about starting a vehicle stunt show. I've got an idea for some tricks, but what I really need is a loop the loop. There's a loop out across the crevasse that some bandits built a long time ago, goodness knows why. Everyone's been telling me that it can't be done and I should give up on the idea, but I think you can prove 'em wrong."


Thrown for a Loop

Thrown for a Loop

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Perform a loop the loop
  • Loop the loop


The loop is a single loop in an isolated area of Road's End. It is typically drivable in a Racer, however a Monster is also capable of performing the stunt. The vehicle needs to be lined up to hit the entry fairly head-on, with enough distance to reach maximum speed with the nitrous boost. Depending on the entry angle, a slight right hand turn into the loop may be needed to stay on the track. The best way to perform this stunt with a Racer is to drive up the ramp with a nitrous boost and release the boost as the vehicle comes out of the top of the loop (about 1/2 - 2/3 of the loop). This ensures that the Racer doesn't get off track and completes the loop as normal. The boost is only necessary to allow the vehicle to drive upside down.

There are Drifter spawns near the loop and a Lance Mine close enough to be a hazard. These should be removed prior to attempting the stunt. There is a small time pressure to achieve the loop promptly, as the drifters will soon respawn. One solution for the drifters is to keep a second vehicle near the loop on standby to handle any respawns. While this is most effective in a multiplayer game, even a solo player can benefit from having a Monster ready.


"Ha! I told those wusses that it could be done. Thanks for proving me right."


  • Due to the third-person perspective in the game, and the visible obstruction of the loop, the view of the vehicle will be momentarily lost as it heads up to the apex of the loop.
  • The Lancer is believed to be too slow to achieve the stunt.
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