Thoughtlock is the tier 6 skill in Maya's Motion skill tree. Phaselock makes enemies fight each other instead of locking them in the air.


  • Enemy on Enemy combat: +100%
  • Phaselock Duration: +4 seconds
Thoughtlock skill video preview

Thoughtlock skill video preview.


  • Can cause surveyors to heal Vault Hunters as well as loaders.
  • Thoughtlocked Enraged Goliaths will still attack both sides.
  • Enemies who cannot be Phaselocked also cannot be Thoughtlocked.
  • Thoughtlock increase the duration of Phaselock to 9 seconds, if players have invested suspension, phaselock can last in total 14.5 seconds duration if Binder or Cleric Class Mod is used.
  • There is no point however, where the cooldown for Thoughtlock will be less than the cooldown for the standard Phaselock. That is due to the fixed pattern for Borderlands 2 cooldown effects: Actual Cooldown Time = Original Cooldown / (1 + total additional cooldown rate). For example, a Maya with a max Legendary Binder (29%) and a rank 5 Quicken (30% cooldown rate boost, going for a total of 59%) will result in a 8.17 seconds cooldown without Thoughtlock (13s / 1.59 = 8.176100...), but a 10.7 seconds cooldown if you have Thoughtlock invested (17s / 1.59 = 10.691823...).
  • Converge and Helios both trigger on the Thoughtlocked target. Elated, Wreck, and Chain Reaction are all active for the duration of the Thoughtlock. If the Thoughtlocked target dies Sweet Release triggers.
  • There is a bug where using Thoughtlock on a Varkid pod will result in the pod not opening until it receives damage.
  • Thoughtlocked enemies appear as allies and can't be harmed by other Vault Hunters.

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