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This Just In is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Mordecai. It becomes available after Toil and Trouble is complete.



  • Find radio station
  • Silence Hunter Hellquist


This Just In takes place at Hunter Hellquist's elevated broadcasting station, a small structure located just a few dozen meters from the Boneyard's fast travel station (see mark #2 on map). To reach him one must first access an elevator platform on the ground, and then open one of two doors at either end of his booth.

Hellquist is a badass-level opponent with a matching energy shield. He is equipped with a submachine gun, and can also use the boombox-like apparatus on his back to launch an explosive energy mortar. Additionally, robot reinforcements will descend to help him out. Shock damage is a valuable asset to assist with depleting his shield, and corrosive is effective against any accompanying loaders. Rakk can also be found circling near the broadcast station, and may intervene in the fight.


"With Hunter Hellquist dead, people aren't at risk of thinking you're a terrible, scary, baby-eating monster. Unless you're the Gunzerker. He still makes people uncomfortable."

Turn In: Mordecai


  • This Just In! is a 'news' ECHO broadcasting about recent events concerning the adventures of the Vault Hunters of Borderlands 2. These newscasts, by Hunter Hellquist of Hyperion Truth Broadcasting, will offer a summary of what happened in the most recently played story mission, distorted to fit the propaganda style of Handsome Jack.
  • Hellquist can drop the Bee shield during or after this mission.
  • Turning off Hunter Hellquist's radio pack before killing him is required for the challenge, Dead Air.


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