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This Bitch is Payback is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Athena.


"While I was part of the Crimson Lance there were two particularly troublesome Lieutenants. Their names were Kyros and Typhon. They were two of the most cruel and demeaning officers in the army. I had many an incident with them and I would have killed them had there not been that regulation about assassinating fellow officers, but thankfully that is not an issue any more. If you find them while you are out, you may do the honors."



This Bitch is Payback

Video walkthrough


Kill the Crimson Lance Lieutenants


Kyros is north of T-Bone Junction in The Ridgeway, and can be found at the first roadblock installation. He can be targeted, although he not in direct line of sight from the road. It may be possible to kill Kyros using the homing missiles of a Monster without ever leaving the vehicle. Kyros generally isn't a major threat, because his weapon is a Kyros' Power, a sniper rifle, and thus he tends to shoot very infrequently.
Typhon is at the far end of the Ridgeway, at the northern roadblock. He fills the air with ricocheting bullets and can be quite dangerous. Eliminating him, then fighting through the installation to claim the Typhoon, his SMG, rather than facing him at the same time as the troopers that spawn when he is approached, may make the battle easier. The guards will still spawn when the bosses' respective locations are approached, but especially in Typhon's case, the fight is much easier without them.


"Trust me. The galaxy is a better place with those two finally discharged from the Crimson Lance."


  • Once both lieutenants are killed, they won't respawn; this mission is the only chance to get their weapons on each character/playthrough. However, if only one is killed before the game is reloaded the mission objectives reset and they can be fought again.