Things That Go Boom is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Test out the new loader routine.



"Get a load of this."
  • Send FIX loader to maintenance station
  • Follow and protect FIX loader
  • Download new AI routine
  • Defend FIX loader
  • Activate new AI program
  • Use FIX loaders against Lost Legion troops: 0/3


This mission is available from the main bounty board in the Lunar Launching Station. Jack wants to test out a new AI routine on some FIX Loaders. A loader must first be located in the western central area of the Moonshot Supply Depot. Once located, it is then sent to a maintenance station dock to the east.

The FIX Loader must be protected from Lost Legion Marines on its way to the dock. Once there it will enter the dock and begin downloading Jack's new AI program. It must be defended throughout this entire process. When the download is complete the loader must be activated to run the new program, whereupon it will then self-destruct.

Since the program is now in the system, Jack tweaks the code and requests that the new code be tried on three more loaders in the area. They can be found by following the compass way-points and the new code can be run by activating them. Once all three FIX loaders have had the new code activated, the mission may be turned in back at the bounty board.


"You have just witnessed the conception of the Hyperion hug of death."

Turn In: Bounty board


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