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Thieving Jabbers are a rare variety of jabber enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.



Thieving Jabbers are a rare variant of the Jabber species and can be found in various parts of Eden-6 and the Trial of Instinct. Damaging it will cause it to drop money while killing it will drop loot of varying rarities. The special barrels that they carry also share these qualities.

While having little to no attack patterns, Thieving Jabbers has a large amount of health and moves around rapidly. If they too far away from the character, or don't take damage for an extended period of time, it will burrow into the ground and escape along with all of its loot.

Using weapons that deal large amounts of damage, such as rocket launchers, are effective in keeping it from burrowing. Cryo weapons are also effective in slowing it down and freezing it. A trail of money can often be a sign that one is nearby.


  • In addition to dropping cash and loot when shot, the Thieving Jabber's barrel also has a hidden "health bar" that scales with the character's level and the current mayhem level.
    • This unique mechanic can be exploited to acquire large amounts of money by using weaker weapons to damage the barrel. The legendary Night Flyer pistol, however, is perhaps the most effective weapon to use as it cannot actually destroy the barrel. This allows for money to be acquired for as long as the character has pistol ammo.