Special Weapon Effects

Replay! – Always incendiary. Greatly increased fire rate, perfect accuracy. Slightly reduced projectile speed. Greatly reduced elemental chance per bolt. After damaging targets once, shots fired will home in on them until the magazine is empty. Shots travel in a corkscrew pattern before hitting their targets. All parts fixed.

Usage & Description

Although a single shot from the ZX-1 has a low chance to ignite foes, its extraordinary rate of fire ensures that a targeted enemy will be expediently set alight. Its high fire rate also greatly assists in burning away enemies' shields, swiftly exposing them to the burning status effect that follows. The bullets also home in on an enemy hit by at least one bullet in a magazine.

The ZX-1 burst-fires when zoomed in; in this case, it is a very short, yet precise, burst. Because of the gun's perfect accuracy, the burst will hit whatever it is aimed at (so long as the target has not moved much or at all). The weapon's burst-fire is handy for initiating a target lock on a foe at almost any range.

The ZX-1 is not without disadvantages: should a particularly mobile enemy be targeted prior to the player deciding to attack another enemy, the laser's rounds will still home in on the initial target, completely missing the second enemy, unless said second enemy is interrupting the line of fire. The homing feature of the weapon does not fare well at close ranges, as while locked on the laser bolts corkscrew wildly before homing in on the target, which can sometimes cause the loss of at least half the magazine before actually hitting the target. The homing feature is much more effective at medium and long ranges.


  • This weapon is good for gaining stacks of Maniacal Laughter with Claptrap.
  • The ZX-1 also excels at gaining stacks of Maelstrom with Athena. With proper investment into her skill tree Ceraunic Storm, Athena can easily attain 500+ stacks with this weapon alone.
  • The ZX-1 seems to have a guaranteed chance to drop from Zarpedons power suit since the most recent hotfix on 2/10/15(The arrival of Aurelia the baroness).


  • The name and flavor text are references to the 1997 movie, The Fifth Element, where a weapon called the ZF-1 is introduced with a "replay" feature which the laser's homing feature appears to be based on. The two weapons also share very similar camo designs.

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