The Watcher is an alien entity of Eridian origin.


Little is known about The Watcher, to the extent that "The Watcher" was a conjectural name. It has demonstrated a telekinetic ability and knowledge of future events. The being has appeared to certain individuals often forewarning them of danger, although its motives for helping remain unknown.

As the Siren Nyriad slaughtered the Eridians and sealed away The Destroyer, she noted that a Guardian simply stood and watched. This was The Watcher.

Sometime after the Dahl Corporation started mining Elpis, the guardian appeared before Colonel Zarpedon to warn her of Hyperion and Jack.


The Watcher first appears on Helios when Jack and the Vault Hunters attempt to escape by ship. When Jack tries to shoot at Zarpedon, it blocks his shots telekinetically before mocking him. The entity is not seen again until the very end of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel when it saves Athena from being executed by Lilith and the Crimson Raiders. Afterwards, it warns the vault hunters of an imminent war for which they will need to recruit as many vault hunters as they can.



  • The character has its own title card, but its name is written in an alien language and is only accompanied by the text "...?"

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