The Vaughnguard is an optional mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed at The Backburner and continuing in Dahl Abandon.


"Vaughn's latest bandit clan was wiped out, and he needs your help to muster up a new clan! Now that some fresh recruits have arrived, he wants to induct you into the clan too. You should do what the crazy bandit lord says and set a good example for the other recruits."



  • Pick up Vaughn's flags: 0/2
  • Place first flag
  • Activate first generator
  • Kill first bandit leader
  • Place second flag
  • Activate second generator
  • Kill second bandit leader
  • Return to Vaugh
  • Reach initiation platform
  • Jump from the platform
  • Survive
  • Watch the recruits


The first flag is to be raised in The Rust Bucket camp. The generator and mast are located at the opposite end so Vault Hunters must fight their way through and kill any Bandits they encounter. The first bandit chief is a Badass Nomad.

The second flag is to be raised in a bandit camp located at Cargo Bridge 25. Again, Vault Hunters must fight their way through and kill all bandits they encounter. The second bandit chief is a Badass Marauder.


"That could have gone better."

Turn In: Vaughn

Mission Transcript

Main article: The Vaughnguard/Transcript


  • Mission item: Vaughn's Flag - "Colors. You know. Like, for turf."



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