The Unstoppable ia a rare-spawn boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


The Unstoppable can be found in the Tig's Big Rig. As a rare spawn, it may take several attempts before he shows up.



It is important to note that The Unstoppable is a Goliath that cannot become enraged, it starts out as such.

This is important as while it may be possible to receive legendary loot such as the Band of Sitorak or Big Boom Blaster shield by killing him at the very start, he gives more loot as he kills enemies and levels up. It is possible for The Unstoppable to not even drop cash or ammo if killed immediately and up to 10 drops of green rarity loot when killed in his Ultimate form.


  • The Unstoppable will evolve into The Raging Unstoppable, The Super Raging Unstoppable, The Mega Raging Unstoppable, The Ultimate Raging Unstoppable, and The Unstoppable? when he levels up.
  • Killing The Unstoppable counts towards BIG HURT challenge.
  • The Unstoppable can only spawn from two of the several doors that the COV normally spawn from in Tig's Big Rig.
  • The Unstoppable has an increased chance to drop the Big Boom Blaster, the Devastator, and the Band of Sitorak.

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