The Traveler is a Vault Guardian protecting the Vault of the Traveler. It appears in Tales from the Borderlands, and serves as the final confrontation of the game. It is capable of teleporting seemingly anywhere, taking its vault with it and traveling the universe.


The Traveler is first seen after the destruction of Helios, fighting Gortys on the surface of Pandora. As Gortys is unable to defeat the Traveler and serves as an anchor holding it on Pandora, Fiona is forced to destroy her. This causes the Traveler to leave.

Some time later, after Loader Bot brings the group back together to revive Gortys, the Traveler is fought once more. This time around, Rhys and his friends pilot Gortys while Fiona and Sasha invade the Traveler by having it teleport atop and around their caravan. Attacks from the Gortys-teams keep the Eridian creature busy while Fiona and Sasha fight through the Guardians within and destroy its teleportation gland. Through their combined efforts the Traveler is defeated and its vault is opened. Fiona and Rhys approach it together and suddenly disappear.


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