For the shield in Borderlands 2, see The Transformer.

The Transformer is a legendary absorb shield manufactured by Hyperion. The Transformer is dropped from any suitable loot source and is the reward for It's Alive in Desolation's Edge on Nekrotafeyo.

Special Shield Effects

There's more than your eye can see – Converts 100% of shock damage into shield's charge.

Usage & Description

The Transformer's defining trait is its ability to absorb shock damage and use this to replenish itself. This offers an unusual tactical advantage, not only against shock damage enemies but also in mixed enemy compositions where some deal shock damage. In such circumstances, it can be beneficial to target any shock damage enemies last in order to exploit their damage output as an ad hoc source of healing. Under such circumstances, sustained shock damage can offset other incoming damage and allow a Vault Hunter to weather fire from multiple sources without the need to evade.

As an absorb shield with a high absorption chance of 40%, the Transformer also helps to maintain ammunition levels during protracted fights.


  • The Transformer will still receive base damage from electrified attacks. For example, an electrified bullet will have its shock effect nullified, but the bullet itself will still deal damage.
  • The Transformer is highly effective against Killavolt, as nearly all of his attacks rely on shock damage. In addition, the character will also be immune to the electrified tiles in Killavolt's arena.
  • All non-anointed Transformers of a given level will have identical stats. The parts of the Transformer are fixed.


  • The Transformer is a returning legendary shield from Borderlands 2 but as a Hyperion product instead of Vladof.
  • The flavor text is a reference to the Transformers franchise. 
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