For the unique shotgun in Borderlands 2, see Tidal Wave.

The Tidal Wave is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Jakobs. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Special Weapon Effects

Flee the wave, dude! – Fires 2 rows of 6 slow moving projectiles in a wave pattern that ricochets off of surfaces for 5 seconds then dissipates if it does not hit an enemy.

Usage & Description

The Tidal Wave boasts extremely high damage as well as increased critical hit damage. A point blank critical hit is enough to kill almost any enemy in a single shot. However, the slow projectile speed and wide spread make it unsuitable for long or even medium range combat.


  • The weapon shares its special effect with T.K's Wave but differs in the number of projectiles fired.
  • The weapon can sometimes be found as a blue rarity shotgun. This isn't permanent as the weapon's legendary rarity is restored by quitting to the main menu and reloading the character.


  • The Tidal Wave is a returning weapon from Borderlands 2 but as a legendary weapon instead of unique.
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