The Sword in The Stoner is an optional mission given by Roland in Flamerock Refuge.It becomes available after Denial, Anger, Initiative is complete.



  • Find immortal golem
  • Grab sword
  • Pull sword from golem
  • Give sword to Roland


Roland wants a mighty sword that is stuck in a golem in the Unassuming Docks. The Unmotivated Golem is along the shore at the Temple of Unwarranted Self Importance, and to reach it requires a march through territory populated by several other golems and groups of skeletons.

The Unmotivated Golem does not react when approached, leaving an easy opportunity to pull the blade free, but rather than come loose, the sword remains stuck and the Unmotivated Golem rises from its slumber to attack.

Now named the Motivated Golem, the golem behaves as any other Rock Golem; charging, throwing boulders, and lashing out at close range. The attacks are powerful, but the cumbersome brute is slow, giving numerous opportunities to get away from it and shoot from a safer range.

Each time the golem is destroyed, it reverts to its inert rubble form, in which it lies for several seconds before the sword's curse reconstitutes it. The designations evolve from Unmotivated Golem, through Motivated Golem and Perturbed Golem, to finally becoming the Enraged Golem, and for each evolution the sword protrudes a little further from its back. If the sword is not pulled in time, the golem will revive with the same name it just had, and needs to be destroyed again for another opportunity for the sword to be pulled a little further.


"When some people pull swords from stones, they become king. When you do it, you get a gun that shoots swords. Your life is cooler.

Turn In: Roland



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