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The Summoner is a unique respawning Guardian miniboss encountered during the Beneath the Meridian story mission in Borderlands 3.


The Summoner is encountered in the final section of Neon Arterial just before the entrance to The Forgotten Basilica.



  • The Summoner's primary role on the battlefield is to buff nearby Guardians by summoning a swarm of Guardian souls who possess them - which it does at first sight of Vault Hunters.
  • The Summoner has the following attacks:
    • Charged Bolt - After a short charge up, tosses shock projectile that explodes on impact. (This can be easily interrupted by scoring a critical hit).
    • Shockwave - Drives its staff into the ground to produce a small shockwave.
    • Staff swing - A melee attack when a vault hunter gets too close.
    • Summoning spirits - Plants its staff and summons 6 red spirits to possess lesser Guardians. Used whenever there are unpossessed Guardians around.
  • The Summoner has an armor health bar as well as the normal guardian shield health, both of which are very durable.


  • On rare occasions two may spawn at once, making the battle very difficult.