The Summoner is a Guardian type of enemy in Borderlands 3, first met during Beneath the Meridian mission.


The Summoner is a primarily ranged type of attacker, first met at the final section of Neon Arterial.


Borderlands 3


Summoner's primary role on the battlefield is to buff nearby Guardians by summoning a swarm of Guardian souls who possess them - which it does at first sight of Vault Hunters. This enemy is also able to quickly phase around the battlefield.


  • Staff swing
  • Charged Bolt- upon brief charging tosses a shock projectile that explodes on impact.
  • Shockwave - drives its staff into the ground producing shockwave of small diameter

The Summoner is easily interrupted by Critical hits - head is the Critical spot.

As opposed to other types of Guardians this enemy is armored by default. Corrosive damage should take care of this problem. Shock damage goes next.

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