The Spy is a unique SMG manufactured by Hyperion.

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Special Weapon Effects

I spy with my little eye... – Increased accuracy when scoped.

  • This weapon always has +35% Critical Hit damage, but it is not always listed.

Drop Guide


  • "I spy with my little eye..." is the statement recited in the children's game, I Spy. [1]
  • A variant of The Spy can be found in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, in the form of Dr. Ned's personal gun. This gun has the same material as The Spy and can also spawn with the unique spy scope. However the gun has no original name so it's easy to miss as a 'unique weapon'. If opened in Willowtree the following itemgrade will be shown: dlc1_gd_customweapons.Weapons.CustomWeap_SMG_NedsGun.


The Spy's special effect comes from the TheSpy_sight4 sight, which grants a bonus to critical damage in addition to the zoom of the standard sight4. The Spy is always restricted to barrel3, mag3 and stock2. It is made of Hyperion-manufactured material TheSpy_Material, but it is actually the same as Material_Dahl_1. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

TheSpy_sight4 sight4
Zoom End FOV: -200%
Critical Damage: +35%
Zoom End FOV: -200%
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