The Sham
The Sham
You'll say "wow" every time!
Manufacturer: Vladof
Model: The Sham
Game: Borderlands 2
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Special Part(s):
[The Sham Variants]

The Sham is a legendary absorb shield manufactured by Vladof. The Sham is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from BNK-3R located in The Bunker.

Special Shield Effects

Wow, I CAN do this all day. – Extremely high bullet absorption chance. Greatly reduced shield capacity, reduced recharge delay. Cannot spawn with elemental resistance.

Usage & Description

The Sham is heavily geared towards being used against any enemies that use firearms, relying heavily on its absorption rate to prevent bodily harm to the user. All Vladof shields come with a chance to absorb bullets, but what makes The Sham special is its much higher chance of ammo absorption than other absorb shields. see: Absorb Chance.

The Sham's weakness is not only its low capacity but the fact that there are enemies who do not use bullet-based attacks (such as creatures), thus making The Sham's viability in combat dependent on enemy attacks. It is vital for the user to know which areas and/or bosses use what type of weapon, as fighting nonbullet-based enemies with The Sham is typically inferior to most other shields of equal level.

Absorb Chance

The lowest possible absorb chance on The Sham is 76% (if Body, Battery and Capacitor parts of the shield are of Dahl manufacture, which reduces special effects on shields) and the highest possible absorb chance is 94% provided the Body and Battery are manufactured by Maliwan, and the Capacitor by Hyperion, at the cost of less shield defence and recharge rate.

This is double the absorb chance on the other legendary Vladof shield, the Transformer, which has a highest possible absorb chance of 42%, and any other purple rarity Vladof shield which have highest absorb chances of 48%. Both of these values can be as low as 19% and 15% respectively, and even lower on white, green or blue shields, which could make The Sham have up to nine times the absorb chance of an average absorb shield.


  • The Sham is an excellent choice to assist in the completion of the "Ammo Eater" challenge.
  • The Sham is a poor choice for Krieg's Mania and Hellborn tree, because it prevents him from getting any cooldown recharge if it absorbs the bullets. However, Krieg's range-focused tree, Bloodlust, benefits greatly from the ammo it absorbs, as it focuses primarily on firing as many bullets as possible and can be draining to Krieg's ammunition supply.
  • Players that have extensive use of rocket launchers, especially with large blast radi, such as the Norfleet, benefit greatly from the massive absorbtion chance. Doing this can very effectively reduce inflicting self-damage to the player by accident.
  • The Sham is very useful for regaining rocket launcher ammo while equipped, with the process of firing at one's feet with a weapon such as the Logan's Gun or KerBlaster.


  • The flavour text is a reference to ShamWow pitchman Vince Offer's pitch catchphrase "...Because you know we can't do this all day...". This reference is also seen on the Tediore Defender, from Borderlands.