The Sentinel is a unique combat rifle manufactured by Hyperion.

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Special Weapon Effects

A watchful eye – 3.9x zoom, decreased accuracy, increased reload speed.

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Usage & Description

The Sentinel can be an underwhelming Combat Rifle when compared to similar weapons. Its modifiers aren't particularly bad, but almost all of its parts are pre-determined, giving it medium damage, relatively low rate of fire, and mediocre accuracy (for a combat rifle). It has a very powerful scope, but due to increased spread, cannot take advantage of its magnification bonus.


The flavor text refers to the scope on the gun. However, the increased zoom is not noted on the item card.


  • The weapon's name and flavor text is a reference to the Tubular Bells albums by Mike Oldfield: TB2 starts with The Sentinel [1]and TB3 The Watchful Eye. [2]
  • In the BradyGames Borderlands Official Strategy Guide, the editors incorrectly state that the flavor text of this gun is "A worthless level 7 rifle".


The Sentinel special effect comes from the Sentinel_sight4 sight, which is exactly the same as sight4, but with more zoom. The Sentinel is always composed of barrel3, body4, stock2 and mag1. The Sentinel is made of a unique material, Sentinel_Material, which increases reload speed at the cost of Spread. See stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Spread: +35%
Reload Speed: -50%
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