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The Secret Chamber is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Plug device into console
  • Head to door
  • Open door
  • Collect first ECHO
  • Collect second ECHO
  • Collect third ECHO
  • Return to door
  • Open door
  • Open Zarpedon's chest
  • Pick up last ECHO


This mission is an exploration mission with very little enemy resistance since it involves backtracking to recently visited parts of the derelict warship Drakensburg.

After plugging in the device in the console in the Bosun's room, the next objective is to go to Crew Quarters to open a door in the southeast corner. It requires Zarpedon's voiceprint to open; Pickle suggests searching for three ECHOs with her voice.

The first ECHO is in the north half of Crew Quarters, and is reached by a jump pad on the south side after overloading it (damaging the small box to its right will achieve this). A boost is needed to reach the height needed to access this upper level. The lock on an elevator to the right is then shot - it will shake loose and slide down to ground level. The ECHO is on the elevator.

The second ECHO is on a platform high above the Crew Quarters Air Dome Generator. The floor above can be reached by jumping on top of the air tank next to the jump pad with the yellow hoses, followed by a boost-jump. Then a jump east is needed to reach the top of the wall, then east again to the floor above the cycler. Two badass Lil' Scavs will spawn. The ECHO is on a box next to the back door.

The third ECHO is carried by an Outlaw who spawns in the force field room (just south of Security) when it is entered, and he is escorted by a few other scavs.

After the ECHOs have been collected, Pickle creates a voice module to bypass Zarpedon's voiceprint. The mission can be turned in when the last ECHO has been collected from the red chest.


Pickle is itching to get a look inside a secret, hidden room on board the Drakensburg.

"Vault Hunter: 1, Drakensburg: 0"

Turn In: Pickle


  • The ECHOs may be retrieved in any order.
  • Zarpedon's red chest will always contain the Cyber Eagle and another random weapon, but never a rocket launcher.


  • The device that is used to start the mission resembles that of a Grenade SDU.
  • When the device is plugged into the console, the map displayed is not of the Drakensburg, but of the Hyperion Hub of Heroism.
  • The first ECHO records Zarpedon announcing Private Harding's birthday party, with "very nice chocolate cake."
  • The second ECHO records Zarpedon talking about strange pulses emanating from deep within Elpis, and requiring all crew to attend regular medical checkups.
  • The third ECHO records Zarpedon advising that naming the ship's mascot after her is kind, but "against regulations".
  • There is a final ECHO in the chest behind the door, in which Zarpedon reflects on her promotion, and leaving the Drakensburg (to Captain Rankus).

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