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The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is the third in the series of downloadable content packs for Borderlands.[1] Gearbox Software first announced it on January 21st, 2010, stating that it would be "the largest DLC for Borderlands to date" and would provide "new challenges and opportunities for growth for characters from around level 34 to level 50."[2] It was released for Xbox 360 on February 23rd and for PC and PS3 on February 25th.[3]



Battle armor Lance unit, the Devastator

Playstation 3

  • $9.99 USD/£6.99
  • €6,99
  • £5.99 GBP
  • $11.95 AUD
  • 52.95 DKR
  • 70.00 SEK

Xbox 360

  • 800 Microsoft points
  • $9.99
  • £6


  • $9.99 USD
  • $12.99 USD on Steam for Australia/New Zealand
  • £6.30 GBP on Steam for United Kingdom
  • 6.99 EUR on Steam


This DLC can be accessed using the fast travel system and heading for the starting location of T-Bone Junction.


This is a list of features announced by Gearbox Software:[4] [5]


The three new vehicles are as follows:

  • Monster, a monster truck similar to the one driven by Mad Mel. Fires three homing rockets.
  • Lancer, an APC capable of carrying four characters, as it has a gunner seat (with a two-stage laser), a minelayer seat, a driver seat, and a blast seat.
  • Racer, the fastest vehicle with a single rocket launcher (similar to the one on the original runners) and a spoiler.


The Secret Armory introduces some new non-player characters (NPCs), and brings back several previous characters.



Elemental Crimson Lance (Fire, Corrosive, and Shock)

The Secret Armory introduces new enemies including:


@GeneralKnoXX on Twitter

Gearbox Software created a Twitter account for General Knoxx to post previews of the game. Here are the images that were posted by @GeneralKnoXX:


"these damn camera phones never seem to work. i'll have the inventor drawn, quartered, and made into cutlets." 20:42, February 3, 2010


"heres a photo from worlds largest bullet. me & the misse- erhm, secretary are out taking tweetergrams of the areas" 22:39, February 8, 2010


"t bone junction is a haven for teenage partying." 15:28, February 15, 2010


"this wasn't me but something happened in t bone junction that totally wasn't me. (this wasn't me.)" 20:50, February 15, 2010


The new areas are all located in the Parched Fathoms, a dried up lakebed home to T-Bone Junction as well as other areas.

  • T-Bone Junction, a new friendly city, also the starting point of this DLC and the only map with a Fast Travel New-U station.
Two roads lead out from T-Bone Junction: one to the Crimson Tollway, one to the Ridgeway.

  • The Crimson Tollway - The long road controlled by the Crimson Lance, who have set up a roadblock.

  • The Ridgeway - A highway built through ridges of cut rock, in the opposite direction from the Crimson Tollway.
  • Sunken Sea - A dry area, formerly underwater, with many roads and places.

Mission Flow

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Main article: Achievements#The_Secret_Armory_of_General_Knoxx

The Xbox 360 achievement list was revealed, with the following achievements associated with The Secret Armory.[10] They are also the same for the PlayStation 3.



By "Mutagen" (source:


  • The title of this DLC is a reference to Fort Knox in the U.S., which is synonymous with an impregnable fortress or building.
  • In The Secret Armory of General Knoxx logo there is a small 61 in the lower-right corner. This represents the maximum reachable level of this DLC.
  • The level increase, by the unusual number of eleven levels, is a reference to the potentiometer dials of Nigel Tufnel's guitar amplifier in the mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap, apparently to give it "that extra push over the cliff".


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