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Salt flats crate locations


Location 1: (Red Chest)[]

This chest is close to the gate where you first enter The Salt Flats, and lies nearly halfway between the 2 south-eastern Catch-a-Rides. The chest is on the upper section of the structure built next to the cliff.

Location 2: (Red Chest)[]

Due east from the huge digging machine (Thor), there is a small village of Psychos. After killing them off, head towards the tall silo. The chest is inside the small extension built onto the silo on the southern side.

Location 3: (Red Chest)[]

Due south of the silo mentioned above, there is a large circular shaped structure with 2 washing machines and 2 ammo boxes near the entrance. The chest is in the back-right corner, behind the shipping containers.

Location 4: (Red Chest)[]

This chest is revealed to the Vault Hunter after completing Claptrap Rescue: The Salt Flats. Once repaired, the claptrap will lead the player to the chest.

Location 5: (Red Chest)[]

This chest is located just inside the western entrance to the area surrounding Thor. If entering from the west, take the first path to the right, then the another right. The chest and 2 ammo boxes are on a platform directly under a colorful banner.

Location 6: (Red Chest)[]

This chest is hard to miss for Vault Hunters who are playing the storyline. It is on the left as the player approaches the elevator that brings the him/her to the upper deck of Thor. This area is just east (and down a slight slope) from the above-mentioned chest.

Location 7: (Red Chest)[]

After defeating Baron Flynt, this chest can be found near the end of the northern arm extending off of Thor. Once the player opens Flynt's chest and finishes the mission The Final Piece, make your way to north-east corner of Thor where there is a ramp that leads to the northern arm/extension. Caution should be taken here, as falling off Thor will kill you. After arriving safely on the arm of Thor, the chest is visible and easily reached by staying on the scrap metal walkway.

Location 8: (Red Chest)[]

There is a chest off the central deck of Thor above a room built against the western vertical rigging support.  From the perspective of exiting the elevator, go left and forward, then hop up the drum and boxes.

Location 9: (Red Chest)[]

Lastly, there is a chest above the Catch-a-ride near the gate to/from the Crimson Fastness in the far south-west part of the map.