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7 total missions in The Rust Commons West. A lot of missions related to this area are given in New Haven, see New Haven Missions as well.

Name Location Given By Level Reward
Main Missions
Meet 'Crazy' Earl Crazy Earl's Scrapyard Patricia Tannis 22 2880 XP, $3025
Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous Rust Commons East Patricia Tannis 27 3480 XP, $5331
Not Without My Claptrap Old Haven Patricia Tannis 28 10800XP
Side Missions
Circle Of Slaughter: Meat and Greet Rust Commons West Middle Of Nowhere Bounty Board 26 1008 XP
Circle Of Slaughter: Round 1 Rust Commons West Chuck Durden 26 6720 XP, $14280, Random Shield
Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2 Rust Commons West Chuck Durden 29 7439 XP, $26749, Random class mod
Circle Of Slaughter: Final Round Rust Commons West Chuck Durden 28 7200 XP, $35825, Random weapon