The Rust Commons West is a large expanse of barren wasteland spotted with bandit camps between New Haven and The Rust Commons East. It is home to all sorts of nasty spiderants and bandits.



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Points of Interest

The Cesspool

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This is the Arena for The Rust Commons West. It is located just north-east of the entrance from New Haven.

The Underpass

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Located at a transition point for Rust Commons East. There is a New-U Station, Catch-A-Ride, Ammo Vendor and a Med Vendor here. There is a red weapon chest on the ledge above.

The Outeryard

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Located just east of the transition point for Earl's Scrapyard and north of the transition point for Treacher's Landing. There is a New-U Station and a Catch-A-Ride here.

Badass Cabin

After crossing the bridge leading to the area where The Underpass is, there is a Cabin on the right side of the bridge's end. Upon entering a certain proximity of the cabin, a random Badass human enemy will spawn from it. Furthermore, there is a red weapon chest on a platform in front of the cabin.

Aqueduct Encampment

The southern most Catch-A-Ride station. There is an ammo and med vendor here. The southern transition point for The Rust Commons East is to the east and The Circle of Slaughter entrance is to the west. Treacher's Landing transition point is directly south and guarded by spiderants and bandits.


Located in the north-west corner next to the transition point for Dahl Headlands. There is a Catch-A-Ride here with an ammo vendor and a med vendor.

Circle of Slaughter

The Circle of Slaughter is the circular area in the southern portion of the map, directly to the west of the Aqueduct Encampment Catch-A-Ride station. There is an ammo vendor and med vendor here. The entrance is guarded by bandits.

Boundary laser (near Rakkinishu)

The boundary laser by the bandit camp, where Rakkinishu hunts, contains two Skag Piles and two bins. However, these lootable objects will always yield some high quality items. It's common to find blue quality items and weapons, purples are also quite common.


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Weapon Crates

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Hidden Loot

  • There is a "secret" chest off the Northwest corner of the map. While it often contains Rare Weapons, including Orange and Eridian Weapons, the efficacy of the Chest only lasts through Playthrough 1 until Playthrough 2 is unlocked. In Playthrough 2 and 2.5 the chest becomes a normal Red Chest.
  • There is a way to get off the cliff without paying the New-U fee. Face the chest and go all the way to the left side of the cliff. Stay right up against the wall of the cliffs above. Slowly walk off the cliff and characters will teleport back to the New-U machine, but without a fee.
  • An Outrunner may also be used to reach the chest, and then the afterburner can be used to escape without having to pay a fee. See video 3 below.
  • Alternately players can just exit to save all progress after getting the loot.



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