The Riflewoman is Nisha's third skill tree. This skill tree focuses on fast-firing, quick-reloading action, and is all about killing with provision and accuracy. Her other skill trees are Law & Order and Fan the Hammer.


Tier 1
  • Snap Shot - When firing from the hip, you gain an increase to Accuracy by +7% and Recoil Reduction by +5% per rank.
  • Bona Fide Grit - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy grants you bonus Critical Hit Damage and Health Regeneration for a short duration.
Tier 2
  • Quick Shot - For a short time after reloading, you gain bonus Gun Damage and Fire Rate when firing from the hip.
  • Unchained - Shooting an enemy earns a stack of Unchained, to a max of 1 stack per second. You gain bonus Fire Rate for every stack of Unchained.
Tier 3
Tier 4
  • Crack Shot - The first shot from a full Magazine does bonus damage. If that shot kills an enemy, they explode, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Impatience - Killing an enemy grants a stack of Impatience. Reload Speed increases for each stack of Impatience.
  • Hot Lead - Critical Hits with non-Elemental weapons have a chance to deal Incendiary damage, with a high chance of Igniting targets.
Tier 5
  • Trick Shot - Bullets that hit walls or objects have a chance to ricochet into enemies at reduced damage.
  • Tombstone - Kill Skill. After killing an enemy, all hits have a chance to count as Critical Hits for several seconds.
Tier 6
  • The Unforgiven - Shots during Showdown ricochet off of enemies into other enemies, dealing 10% damage. Every enemy hit during Showdown explodes at the end of Showdown.

Nisha skills
Law & Order Fan the Hammer The Riflewoman
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