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The Rampager is a legendary beast contained within the The Forgotten Basilica on Promethea.


Not much is known of The Rampager itself other than the fact that it is a vault beast. The vault sits deep below Promethea, and no one knew of the vault as Atlas built over it when they acquired the planet.

After The Rampager is killed, Tyreen and Troy Calypso appear in the Forgotten Basilica and absorb the powers of The Rampager.



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  • There is a spot during the first phase where The Rampager will be stuck in a loop of its pre-jump animation, making the fight easier.
  • The Rampager has an increased chance to drop the legendary Quadomizer rocket launcher.
  • On Mayhem 4, The Rampager has a chance to drop the legendary Good Juju assault rifle.

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