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The Rakk Dahlia Murder is an optional mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt to hunt and kill Rakkanoth.


"Ooooh! Aaaahh!"


  • Steal rocket
  • Place rocket
  • Fire gun
  • Kill Rakkanoth


Rakkanoth is to be exterminated and this requires an explosive light show to attract the winged menace. A suitable firework rocket can be found in the hands of savages at Low Gut Rut. Once the rocket has been acquired, it needs to be placed in a launch tube back in the Sun Swamps. This is on a promontory above the swamp.

Rakkanoth, attracted by the exploding rocket, will drift down out of the clouds to investigate the disturbance. It is a giant corrosive rakk with a distinctive trail of green and gold flowing out behind it. Rakkanoth attacks with deadly corrosive blasts from above, not bothering to swoop in close, but remaining aloft and bombing its targets from on high.

Cover is non-existent up on the rocky outcrop from which the rocket was fired, but Rakkanoth will follow lower if its prey drops back down to the swamp water. From there it is possible to bring the agility and firepower of a fan boat into play and kill the rakk from a point of relative safety.


"Thanks to your diabolical efforts, Rakkanoth is no more."


  • Mission item: Firework Rocket - "One of the finest inventions to ever grace Pandora; The firework... Glorious."
  • The mission title is a reference to the unsolved Black Dahlia murder in California, 1947.
  • Rakkanoth has a chance to drop the Skullmasher, a legendary sniper rifle.