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The Overlooked: This is Only a Test is the third and final mission in the "The Overlooked" side missions of Borderlands 2.



  • Head to Hyperion mortar
  • Aim mortar at Overlook
  • Fire mortar
  • Aim mortar (after firing it the first time)
  • Fire mortar again


Karima wishes to test Overlook's new shield by having the Vault Hunters fire a Hyperion mortar at the town. The mortar is at Aggregate Acquisition, Hyperion base with a commanding view of the valley and Overlook in its reach.

The mortar controls are indicated by a waypoint marker, and each time the button is interacted with Karima offers new updates to align the mortar or to fire it. In each case the interaction is simply a button push after the instruction is given. The first mortar strike "accidentally" hits the shack of the obnoxious and sexist Dave and sends it careening down the cliff. The second mortar attack is conducted with the shield turned on.


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