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The Overlooked: Shields Up is the second mission in the "Overlooked" chain in Borderlands 2.


Karima needs to protect her small settlement from bombardment, and to do that she needs to build a huge shield using some personal shield cores.



  • Drop shields into grinder: 0/5
  • Pick up shield cores: 0/5
  • Deliver shield parts


Five shields need to be dropped into the Overlook grinder. This can either be done at the side of the grinder, or from the top. Either way, shields that successfully enter the gears will be destroyed and a digistruct core deposited out the side.

Low level, inexpensive shields can be obtained from the med vendor in Liar's Berg, but otherwise the cheapest option is to retain a few junk shields from early areas after the Sanctuary bank becomes available. The mission Tier 3 Rematch: Bar Room Blitz is also a good place to farm for shields, if the player has the DLC.

Alternatively, when in True Vault Hunter Mode or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode players may reload into a lower difficulty, purchase shields from the med vendor on site and then return to their current difficulty level for cheap shields.


"The shield is assembled! Now, to test it."

Turn In: Karima

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  • Mission item: Shield Digistruct Core - "The shield part of a shield."
  • Other items, such as weapons, will turn on the grinder if dropped into it, but won't result in a digistruct core and will not destroy the item.

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