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The Overlooked: Medicine Man is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.



  • Check on Overlook
  • Collect machine power supply
  • Repair dispensary
  • Buy medicine
  • Find second shipment
  • Buy medicine
  • Find third shipment
  • Buy medicine
  • Deliver medicine: 0/3


The first objective is to retrieve a power supply from the clock tower. This is reached by two separate ladders, the first being at ground level on the tower building itself, and the second on the next building accessed by leaping across the gap between the two buildings. Once the power supply is in hand (despite complaints from a local man named Dave), it can be used to restore the local med vendor where the first of the skull-shivers medicine can be purchased.

The second objective is to kill the Requisition Officer and his pair of Requisition Bodyguards. The bodyguards are WAR Loaders, while the Requisition Officer is a tough version of an Engineer with a med vendor strapped to his back. He has a powerful shield to help protect him and will attempt to rush into melee range to attack.

The third shipment is concealed in an orbital drop crate at Lake Shining Horizons. The area is inhabited by all manner of threshers, and these are best dispatched before an attempt is made on the crate.

Once the third medicine bottle has been collected, they are then distributed to three of the houses in Overlook. Simply drop each bottle in the open door slot to get a response of gratitude from the people inside (except for Dave).


"Overlook's residents now have enough skull-shivers medication to keep them from stuttering and/or blacking out and/or dying for the rest of the year."

Turn In: Karima


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  • The Requisition Officer and his pair of guards can be attacked and killed with a sniper rifle from Overlook itself.
  • The medicine, purchased from the "item of the day" slot of the med vendor, counts towards the Limited-Time Offer challenge.
  • Mission Items:
    • Power Supply – "WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH!! – Dave"
    • Shivers Medicine – "Medicine for the skull-shivers. Tends to stop your skull from shivering."
    • Shivers Medicine – "Another shipment of skull-shivers medicine."
    • Shivers Medicine – "Overlook's final shipment of skull-shivers medicine."

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