The Once and Future Slab is a story mission in Borderlands 2 given by Roland. The mission is performed, starting at Sanctuary and continuing in Thousand Cuts locations.


"With the first obstacle to Control Core Angel accounted for, Roland has turned your attention to the second obstacle: a big-ass Hyperion defense bunker.
Roland feels you need the help of a local bandit leader, the Slab King, to destroy this bunker. The Slab King can be found in Thousand Cuts, but be careful though he hates Jack as much as anyone, his men won't exactly welcome you with open arms."



  • Take Roland's note
  • Go to Thousand Cuts
  • Survive initiation
  • Deliver note
  • Follow Brick
  • Destroy mortar beacons: 0/3


Upon reaching Thousand Cuts, players are greeted numerous bandits as well as buzzards. The buzzards provide a frequent source of harassment that impacts on shield recharge, and therefore present a priority target. The section right before Brokeface Bridge often has a few badasses and goliaths.

Once inside the stronghold, the Slab King takes the Vault Hunters for new recruit, and sends in a welcoming party: a 4-5 wave bandit assault. The Slab King reveals himself as Brick once the Vault Hunters have survived the initiation, and inducts them into his Slab gang.

After Brick agrees to help Roland, Handsome Jack pulls a surprise mortar attack on the Slabs, with loaders. To halt Jack's attack on Thousand Cuts, players and Brick must destroy the mortar beacons guiding the mortars. Upon approaching each mortar beacon, red targets appear where a mortar will soon strike. Brick approaches each mortar beacon in turn and breaks the shield, leaving them vulnerable to gunfire. Each destroyed beacon will unleash progressively tougher waves of loaders.


"With the Slab bandit clan on your side, destroying the Hyperion bunker that defends Control Core Angel should be relatively easy. Emphasis on "should."

Turn In: Roland

Mission Transcript

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  • Text of Roland's Note item: Roland has asked you to deliver this note to the Slab King.


  • Roland's note reads, "IOU One world saved -B" (Can be seen by standing close to it to help eliminate the bloom.)
  • The title of the mission is a reference to what L'morte d'Arthur claims to be the inscription on the tomb of King Arthur: "Hic iacet Arthurus, rex quondam, rexque futurus", popularly translated as "Here lies Arthur, the once and future king."

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