The Oddest Couple is an optional mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed at Dahl Abandon.


"Marcus has locked himself in a bunker with Crazy Earl. Now that he's got plenty of food, he's asked that you bring him a rocket launcher -- for self-defense, of course."

"Unlikely roommates. A claustophobic bunker. What could possibly go wrong?"



  • Find food for Marcus
  • Find more food for Marcus
  • Find way more food for Marcus
  • Find last food for Marcus
  • Bring food to Marcus
  • Buy Marcus a rocket launcher
  • Beat up the vending machine
  • Talk to Marcus



"Well, that's probably for the best."

Turn In: Crazy Earl

Mission Transcript

Main article: The Oddest Couple/Transcript


  • Mission item: Canned pizza - "Has science gone too far?"
  • A glitch can occur that makes the third Canned Pizza never appear,which locks you out of completing this sidequest as well as Chief Executive Overlord



The Oddest Couple
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