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The Nibblenomicon is an optional mission in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3. It is becomes available upon completion of The Proprietor: Empty Bottles and The Proprietor: Rare Vintage.


"Mancubus hungers for such decadent and delirious fare as ne'er meant for mortal mastications. If his dark hungers are to be sated, he'll require the culinary blasphemies set down in vilest ink. So, you know. Go get a cookbook for him."



  • Go to Dustbound Archives
  • Talk to Harriet
  • Silence the book club
  • Pick up library card
  • Reach the Forbidden Stacks
  • Use library card
  • Destroy frozen bodies (5)
  • Take valve
  • Place valve
  • Shoot pipe
  • Protect the Nibblenomicon
  • Pick up the Nibblenomicon
  • Talk to Harriet
  • Give Harriet the Nibblenomicon
  • Kill (what was once) Harriet
  • Pick up the Nibblenomicon
  • Return to Mancubus
  • Place the Nibblenomicon
  • Pick up cilantro
  • Add a tbsp of cilantro
  • Pick up Xylourgos queso
  • Feed the Nibblenomicon


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  • Mission items:
    • Library Card - Every upstanding citizen has one of these.
    • Heat Valve - Righty tighty, left loosey.
    • Nibblenomicon - Unutterable ingredients. Inconceivable flavors.
    • Cilantro - Politics, theology, greed - all pale in comparison to the number of friendships chattered over this unassuming herb.
    • Xylourgos Queso - Keep telling yourself those flecks are peppers.
  • Harriet will transform into What Was Once Harriet during this mission, which is guaranteed to drop the Nibblenomicon trinket. It will only spawn once, and will not respawn after the mission.
  • After the completion of this mission, Harriet will no longer be available to converse to.
  • After feeding the Nibblenomicon, it will vomit out an assortment of common loot of various rarity.


  • The Nibblenomicon is a parody of the Necronomicon, a fictional textbook of magic appearing in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. It has since become synonymous as a dark book of forbidden evil in popular culture.
  • The words Mancubus chants to the Nibblenomicon, "Klaatu, Cilantro, Nikto", are based off the phrase "Klaatu Barada Nikto" from the 1951 film The Day The Earth Stood Still. It is a famous phrase in science fiction that has no actual meaning, but is the only phrase that would stop the destruction of Earth in the movie.
  • After the book is acquired, it says to the character, "Listen, between you and me, page six hundred sixty-six, there is a recipe for fettucine and Demogorgonzola."
  • The fact that Cilantro is framed as a forbidden terrible herb in the mission is based off the general "love it or hate it" taste of Cilantro, which is commonly compared to the taste of soap. The mission goes so far as to fault it for shattering more friendships than politics, theology and greed.

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