The Name of the Law is the second story mission in the Bounty of Blood, a downloadable content pack for the Borderlands 3.


"Well, they don't call it a bounty of blood for nothing. The sheriff's been shot dead by the notorious Butcher Rose, and she's stolen the town's Obsidian Stone. Time to avenge the sheriff and get the stone back--with help from some ol' Company tech, of course."



  • Find Juno
  • Meet Juno
  • Give sheriff's badge to Juno
  • Follow Juno
  • Take syringe
  • Step on breezbloom
  • Grab key
  • Go to shed
  • Open shed
  • Take jetbeast
  • Cross the Blastplains
  • Go to Ashfall Peaks
  • Find Devil Rider hideout
  • Crash party at hideout
    • Defeat Devil Riders
    • Talk to Titus
    • Take tech knuckles
    • Hit coresploder
    • Rescue Titus
    • Follow Titus
    • Hit coresploder (optional)
    • Defeat Devil Riders
    • Enter Devil Rider hideout
    • Find a way into hideout
    • Hit coresploder
    • Ignite firework
    • Enter Devil Rider hideout
  • Find town stone
    • Go to atrium entrance
    • Find ill-gotten goods
    • Destroy ill-gotten goods
    • Hit coresploder
    • Find hot water pipes
    • Hit coresploder
    • Destroy hot water pipes
    • Destroy more hot water pipes
    • Destroy even more hot water pipes
    • Find something destructive
    • Find something to burn
    • Place gas can in dryer
    • Enter bathhouse
    • Go to bathhouse
    • Defeat Kormash
    • Grab apple key
    • Place apple key
    • Enter treasure room
    • Shoot lock
    • Follow Wanderer
  • Take Ruiner tech diagram



  • Mission items:
    • Mysterious key
    • Gas Can
    • Apple Key
    • Ruiner Tech Diagram


Video Walkthrough

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