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Accepting Mission[]

Hammerlock: "'Bullymong.' Rubbish name, isn't it? I'd like to come up with something more catchy before publishing my almanac. Search some bullymong bone piles will you? I'll learn something from their diets and come up with a catchier name for the beasts."


Hammerlock: "It seems as though bullymongs use these piles to dispose of their refuse... that suggests a primate level intellect. That's it! I shall call them 'Primal Beasts!' I'll run it by my publisher. In the mean time, blow up some Primal Beasts with grenades, would you? See how the new name works for you."

Hammerlock: "Ugh! My publisher despises 'Primal Beasts.' Bloody uncultured... What about 'Feravores?' They're certainly the most ferocious beasts I've ever met, and I say that with having watched a thresher rip my arm from its socket! Repressed memories ho! Anyway, take the new name for a spin, shoot some of the Feravore's projectiles out of the air, see how that name thrills you."

Hammerlock: "Bloody balls! 'Feravore' is trademarked! I'm so fed up with trying to come up with names- Sod it, you know what? 'Bonerfarts.' That's right, all of them. They're called 'Bonerfarts' now! Just go kill some or something, I don't care anymore."

Hammerlock: "My publisher says I can't call them 'Bonerfarts.' Sigh, perhaps bullymong isn't so bad after all. Come on back."

End of Mission[]

Hammerlock: "Bullymong is still a rubbish name, but I'll come up with something before my almanac goes on sale, I'm sure of it."