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The Name Game is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Sir Hammerlock.



  • Hunt down bullymongs: 0/15 (optional)
  • Search bullymong piles: 0/5
  • Kill primal beast with a grenade
  • Shoot ferovore projectiles: 0/3
  • Kill more bonerfarts: 0/5


The first objective is to search bullymong piles. These can be found marked by waypoints in Three Horns - Divide, and are opened either with the action key or with a melee strike. While in these areas, killing nearby bullymongs also counts toward a bonus objective of killing bullymongs.

Hammerlock will ECHO and call them "primal beasts", then requests killing one with a grenade. The game will change the bullymongs' names to "primal beasts". After killing a primal beast with a grenade, Hammerlock will ECHO again, saying he can't use "primal beast" because his publisher hates the name. He will then call them "ferovores", and requests that their projectiles be shot out of the air. The game will change the primal beasts' names accordingly.

When enough projectiles have been shot, Hammerlock will ECHO again, saying that "ferovore" is trademarked, and he then calls them "bonerfarts" before giving up and suggesting that some bonerfarts should be killed. After five bonerfarts are dead, Hammerlock will ECHO in a final time, saying that he can't use "bonerfart" either.


"Hammerlock assumes he will come up with a better name by his almanac shipping date. He is incorrect."

Turn in: 


  • Depending on which name is active, monglets are renamed into "Primalet", "Ferovolet", or "Bonertoot" accordingly.
  • Shooting bullymong piles or driving over them does not count.
  • Any bullymong killed by other enemy types helps completing the optional objective, even the objective of killing a bullymong with a grenade can be completed if it dies from an axe thrown by Savage Lee.
  • The mission can be also completed in Eridium Blight with the 'Bedrock' prefix added to the currently named beasts. While Grendel, Knuckle Dragger, Midge-MongKing Mong and Donkey Mong don't have their names changed, they do count towards completion of killing bullymongs.
  • With the way the mission is laid out, it is possible to play the entirety of the game with the bullymong's name changed to "primal beast" or "ferovore" by simply not using grenades or shooting their projectiles. However, it is far more difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the name bonerfart because that mission objective is to kill them and upon killing the fifth, the name reverts to "bullymong".


  • The Name Game was developed as an inside joke between developers, and parodies their attempts to agree on a suitable name for the bullymong. Bullymong, ferovore, and primal beast, were all suggested names until the developers settled on bullymong as the definitive name.[1][2]

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