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The Most Dangerous Game is a tier 4 passive skill in FL4K's Hunter skill tree. This skill gives FL4K a bonus to critical hit damage, gun damage, and weapon handling, and also increases pet damage for a time after they kill a Badass or stronger enemy. It also grants FL4K a cash reward upon killing said enemy.


  • Gun Damage: +8(+9)% per rank
  • Critical Hit Damage: +3.3(+3.4)% per rank
  • Handling: average +11.1% per rank
  • Pet Damage: +9% per rank
  • Duration: 120 seconds
  • Cash Reward on kill
Rank 1 2 3
Gun Damage +8% +17% +25%
Critical Hit Damage +3.3% +6.7% +10.0%
Handling +14.3% +25.0% +33.3%
Pet Damage +9% +18% +27%


  • The pet damage bonus was added in the 11/21/19 patch and hotfix.


  • The name of the skill is a reference to the short story The Most Dangerous Game where the protagonist is stalked by a villain who believes that humans are the most dangerous and exciting big-game hunting targets.
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