The Monarch is a legendary assault rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Vladof. It can only be obtained from Killavolt at Mayhem 6 and above.

Special Weapon Effects

The deadly sting of the monarch! – Increased damage. Fires 3-10 bullets for the cost of 1 ammo. Bullet fire in a randomized spread that resembles a filled square. Always spawns with a bipod and melee attachment. Firing in bipod mode deals double damage.

Usage & Description

Monarch Spread

The spread pattern of the Monarch.

The Monarch acts like the The Dictator, but with a randomized pellet count and spread. While it is ammo efficient since it fires numerous projectiles per shot, the wild spread encourages use of the weapon at close to mid quarters, where it can shred opponents with a torrent of bullets. The bipod will reduce muzzle climb and increase damage, but does nothing for accuracy.


  • The Monarch can spawn with prefixes that double pellet count and ammo use.
  • When the bipod mode is selected, the character cannot run or jump.


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