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The Monarch is a legendary assault rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Vladof. It can only be obtained from Killavolt at Mayhem 6 and above.

Special Weapon Effects

The deadly sting of the monarch! – Increased damage. Fires 3-10 bullets per shot. Bullet fire in a randomized spread that resembles a filled square. Always spawns with a bipod and melee attachment. Firing in bipod mode fires twice as many bullets per shot.

Usage & Description

The spread pattern of the Monarch.

The Monarch has one of the highest damage outputs in the game while in bipod mode. However, the large spread requires the charcter to get in as close as possible to the enemy, and the reduced movement speed while in bipod mode can make it hard to quickly rush between enemies and dodge attacks. The Monarch is a surprisingly good weapon while in Fight For Your Life, as the movement speed penalty is negligible and the character can move in closer to the enemy without taking damage.

The Monarch acts like the The Dictator, but with a wide rectangle-shaped spread and massively increased damage output, especially against smaller enemies. The wild spread encourages use of the weapon at close to mid quarters, where it can shred opponents with a torrent of bullets. The bipod will reduce muzzle climb and increase the number of bullets, but does nothing for accuracy.

The Monarch has a low magazine size relative to its fire rate, so skills or artifacts that can increase the magazine size, reload speed, or grant ammo regeneration make this weapon much more effective.

When combined with the Guerrillas in the Mist skill, St4ckbot class mod and The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge artifact, FL4K can reach massive damage outputs that can kill any enemy within seconds. The Monarch also has synergy with the Head Count skill to recharge their action skill quickly, even if it has a cooldown duration of 30 seconds or more.


  • The Monarch can spawn with prefixes that double pellet count and ammo use. A Monarch with a double pellet count states it has x8 of its base damage instead of the normal x4.
  • When the bipod mode is selected, the character cannot run or jump.