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The Mill, also referred to as Jakobs Lumber Mill, is where the player will finally meet Dr. Ned face to face.


The Mill is the huge complex constructed by Jakobs Corporation to process all the lumber.



Points of Interest

  • Entrance - entry from the Lumber Yard.
  • Underground area - After killing Dr. Ned a hole in the floor opens up allowing access to the underground portion. There is a transition point at the far end that leads to a metal shack in Jakobs Cove which has a pipe coming out of the floor.


Notable Enemies

Common Enemies

This list only includes the specific enemies you will encounter in this zone.



  • The underground portion of the Mill bares a strong resemblance to many descriptions of Hell, most notable of these are the lake of blood in which the player fights Undead Ned, and the stark red color of the walls, as well as the long descent to the arena from the Mill floor.
  • The hole leading to Undead Ned's arena closes up after he is killed. As to why this happens is unknown.
  • In the underground section of the Mill, the tunnel that leads to the pool of blood has many similarities to the one you can go to reach the cake in the game Portal


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