For the Borderland: The Pre-Sequel submachine gun, see Meat Grinder (SMG).

The Meat Grinder is a unique support machine gun manufactured by Torgue. It is used by Jaynis Kobb.

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Special Weapon Effects

War is in your blood – Extended magazine, low accuracy, higher fire rate

Drop Guide

Jaynis Kobb appears only once during the mission Jaynistown: A Brother's Love. It is not possible to farm this weapon.

Usage & Description

The Meat Grinder is characterized by an exceptionally high magazine capacity, and very bad accuracy. It fires at a slightly higher rate than normal. The Meat Grinder always spawns with the least accurate barrel, and no scope. It does have a large magazine, but nothing that can't be matched by a better Draco, or a Revolution. Overall, this gun is not exceptionally strong, and its bad accuracy prohibits its use in many scenarios. It is best for attacking big targets.


The Meat Grinder's power is acquired from the TheMeatGringer_mag5 (sic) magazine, a modified mag5 (which graphically looks like a mag4) and the TheMeatGrinder_Material. Its has increased capacity at the cost of excessively high spread, and even longer reload. The barrel is always barrel2, the least accurate (and arguably worst) possible barrel for a support machine gun, and the unique material TheMeatGrinder_Material is equivalent to Material_Torgue_3. The title "The Meat Grinder" prevents the appearance of other, otherwise beneficial, titles. The equivalent non-unique Torgue support machine gun is superior in virtually all aspects. See stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

TheMeatGringer_mag5 mag5
Clip Size: +62
Reload Speed: +60%
Damage: +20%
Fire Rate: +20%
Spread: +300%
Clip Size: +24
Reload Speed: +35%
Damage: +18%
Damage: +24% Spread: +35% Fire Rate: +16% Recoil: +54%


  • The red text is a reference to the movie Rambo IV, from which the quote originates. [1]

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