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The Machine is a unique sniper rifle manufactured by Vladof. It can be obtained from any suitable loot source.

Special Weapon Effects[]

We pay you back... with interest! – Increased magazine size and fire rate. Damage and fire rate increase the longer the trigger is held (similar to Maliwan lasers).

Usage & Description[]

The Machine is a sniper rifle that is both powerful and very costly to use. It has a high fire rate that continues to increase as it is fired, and therefore rapidly consumes sniper rifle ammunition. Its huge magazine size helps its damage potential, as it takes a long time before it needs to be reloaded in the middle of a fight.

Characters that have access to skills or class mods that grant ammo regeneration can increase the Machine's effectiveness/cost ratio significantly. The Lemon Lime & Bullets Moxx-tail can also assist with ammunition replenishment.

Nisha's Showdown action skill can also help by eliminating the Machine's recoil, thereby improving the accuracy of the shots.


  • The Machine initially could not legitimately spawn in-game. It was first made available as a SHiFT reward during New Year 2016, and a hotfix released on January 25th 2016 added The Machine as a world drop.